Voltage Stabilisation & Optimisation

Voltage Stabilisation & Optimisation

EnergyAce technology incorporates Voltage Stabilisation in all units up to 350A and Automatic seamless bypass across the range up to 1400A to ensure safe optimised voltage levels at all times.

The main incoming voltage to a facility can typically fluctuate ±10% due to a number of factors beyond the users control, mainly due to local demand.

Less dynamic types of voltage and power optimisers use a number of fixed “tap offs” that cannot respond to these voltage fluctuations and offer poor voltage control which when optimised may at times expose the supply to the risk of low voltage and possible failure.

EnergyAce power optimisers incorporate Automatic seamless bypass, which once programmed will maintain the optimum voltage level irrespective of line voltage fluctuation.

Voltage fluctuations especially overvoltage can negatively affect electric plant, lighting equipment and electronic devices. This unique next generation technology ensures real financial savings of up to 20% with the guarantee of an uninterrupted supply.

Next Generation Technology and Design

EnergyAce is a proven next generation power optimiser from Power Efficient Systems Ltd. The EnergyAce system is built around a patented technology that enables precise dynamic control of the supply voltage, the core methodology is based on a proprietary topology of power transformers controlled by a microprocessor to ensure a stable reliable supply.

The automatic seamless bypass system enables EnergyAce`s output to be set for optimum performance and savings while ensuring low volts do not occur during input voltage fluctuations, overcoming the weak point in most standard optimisation products.

This technology not only controls the output voltage while maintaining a pure sinusoidal waveform but allows for installation in the tightest of switchrooms due to its small footprint which is ideal for some applications and even wall mountable in sizes up to 160A