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Carefoot PLC

Carefoot PLC

Central Electrical Contractors have just started work at Halliwell Jones BMW car dealership on Sealand Road, Chester.

The works comprise the conversion of the existing workshop and parts area into a showroom, reconfiguration of the existing showroom and toilets, construction of new offices, replacement of floor and ceiling finishes, improvements and alterations to mechanical and electrical installations, resurfacing work, fencing and other minor works externally.

It is intended that the existing dealership will remain in operation during the course of the works and accordingly the work is to be divided into sections. Section 1 comprises the whole of the works excluding the existing Used Car Showroom. Section 2 comprises the existing Used Car Showroom. Whilst Section 1 works are being undertaken Halliwell Jones operations will be carried out in the area designated as Section 2 and vice-versa although it is anticipated that there may be some overlap of works between the sections.

Works are scheduled for completion in January 2016